Revelation Today - Videos

Session 1- Can God be Trusted?

In a world of crime, inequality and uncertainty, why should a person trust God? Could an ancient prophecy reveal the answer?

Session 2 - Seeing the Signs

What is really going on in our world? Current world events and bizarre predictions by scientists like Stephen Hawking suggest something BIG is about to happen...

Session 3- Is there Hope for a Planet in Crisis?

People are stressed and anxious. Pain, suffering and evil are everywhere we turn. Where can you find hope?

Session 4 - The Middle East Question

Bible Prophecy speaks of a coming Messiah, and offers a hope-filled message late in the history of the world...

Session 5 - The Second Coming of Christ

The Bible is the most read book in the world but its last few words have been largely ignored. Explore what these words are and how they give hope for the future.

Session 6 - Peace on Earth

All too often we experience conflict and anxiety. What would it be like to truly be at peace? Is that even possible?

Session 7 Quality Time

Everyone is busy, many are tired and feel exhausted. Life goes at a hectic pace. What if there was a way to find rest and have quality time with God and others?

Session 8 - The Day that Disappeared

Can a day really just disappear from the calendar? Journey through history to discover what happened to this day, where it went and what it means for you.

Session 9 - The Mystery Of Death

While we don’t like to think about it, the reality for all of us is that death is inevitable. What happens next? Is there life after death? What does the Bible have to say?