When Angels Speak to Us | Sermon | Mark Finley

22 Dec 2019

Seventh day Adventist ( SDA ) Pastor Mark Finley preaches a sermon on the role of angels in the battle between good and evil. The appearances of angels at the birth of Christ provide the backdrop for this encouraging, soul stirring presentation. An angel encourages Joseph in his perplexity, an angel strengthens Mary in her distress, an angel guides the shepherds and an angel warns Joseph of Herod’s plan to destroy Jesus. Each of these stories have one major thing in common. They reveal that God provides all of heaven’s resources to strengthen and support is in our times of need.

Heaven and earth are not that far apart. God sends angels to encourage our hearts, provide direction for our future, protect us in danger and to beat back the forces of hell to enable us to be victorious in temptation. All of the resources of heaven are available to us so we can live the most abundant life possible. Christ has come. The Holy Spirit is present and angels wing their way from the heavenly realms to support and strengthen us. Now that’s reason to rejoice.

In the sermon, pastor Mark Finley answers question such as:
Are angels among us?
What do angels do?
Do angels protect us?
Do angels talk to us?

This sermon was produced by HopeLives365 and recorded at the Living Hope Seventh-day Adventist church in Haymarket Virginia.

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