History's Coming Climax PART 1 - By: Professor Walter Julius Veith

25 Sep 2016

PART 2 The Long Awaited Millennium - Walter Veith

Sermon By Gifted Speaker Walter Veith
MIRRORED With No Copyright Intended
Amazing Discoveries

"And he shall speak great words against the most High,
and shall wear out the saints of the most High,
and think to change times and laws:
and they shall be given into his hand
until a time and times and the dividing of time."
Daniel 7:25 KJV

The coming of Christ at the end of the age
has been prophesied in the Bible and for centuries
people have been awaiting this great event.
What does the Bible really teach about the coming of Christ
and how does it compare to the array of teachings abroad in the world today?
Is there a secret rapture?
What happens to the dead when Christ returns?
These questions and more are answered in this eye-opening study,
and God's final intervention in the affairs of men to vindicate those
who have stood for truth and righteousness is clearly portrayed.

The 4 Comings Of Christ

1) As A Babe (First Coming)

2) To The Ancient Of Day's (Daniel 7:13) 'To Receive His Crown'

3) In Glory To Execute Judgment Upon All With The Seven Last Plagues 'Excluding The Elect'
(First Resurrection Of The Righteous And Beginning Of Millennial Reign)
Satan Is Bound
Jesus Does Not Touch The Earth,
He Sends His Angels To Gather His Elect And Execute Judgment Jude 14:15 KJV - Jeremiah 25:33 KJV

----------------------------------- 1000 Years -----------------------------------

4) To Restore The Earth And To Set Up The Kingdom
(Second Resurrection Of The Un- Righteous And Final Judgment Lake Of Fire)
Satan Is Loosed A Short Time
Jesus Stands On The Mount Of Olives – The Battle Of Armageddon